Review. Pure Life Experiences 2015


One more year, Ishav Arctico attended Pure Life Experiences, held at the Marrakech's Congress and considered the most important show in experiential and luxury travel market where the "gurus" of exclusive travel and as trendsetters meet. The "impeccable," British organization, as always, has developed an extraordinary marketing that involves buyers and Exhibitors. A very professional and dynamic networking beyond previous meetings during the 4 days of the event.


We have met travel agents and tour operators which in turn have a profile travelers with high purchasing power for living unique experiences. The Arctic is an exclusive and unique destination and we need a platform like Pure Life Experiences where are only allowed those companies that are innovative, original and inspiring product. This is how in 2013 Ishav Arctico was nominated with the "safari in search of polar wildlife aboard a sailboat" in the category of "Best Experience High, Low Impact" and were shortlisted along with other places of great prestige as ION Hotel in Iceland or Inkaterra in Peru. We did not win but just the fact of being recognized as finalists among such companies was important to us. It was a good moral injection that a small craft business with both "soul" get this kind of recognition.



Very interested buyers that were surprised and delighted with the Norwegian Arctic. Ishav Arctico filing was based on "Wearing the luxury details and experience the Arctic" and Journeys that combine scenic difference between "low, medium and high Arctic." That is, how a polar expedition can enjoy different types of landscapes (islands of fishermen, the city of Tromso, forests and inland rivers and the wilds of the High Arctic. "The stand of Ishav Arctico has been evocative and inspiring thanks to pictures that caught all buyer´s attention. The stand location was perfect and very visible. We have strengthened the relationship with old customers and good contacts in the face of the future. Special interests have demonstrated American, Russian and European agencies general. As every year, we say goodbye to Pure with very good taste, new and very good contacts and high turnover.